By: Don (St. Joseph, MO)

“I have wanted to buy a boat for a number of years but was just not in the position to purchase one. Now that I am semi-retired, the time seemed right. I scoured Craigslist and Boat Trader looking for a used unit but could not make up my mind as to the type of boat I wanted, i.e. bass boat, fish and ski, deck boat, etc. I attended the boat show in St. Joseph to look at the different types of crafts available. I really was not thinking about a new boat just seeing close up the different types of boats out there. That is where I met Joe Falco, Sr. I explained to Joe what I wanted to use a boat for and was pretty sure I wanted an aluminum welded bass boat for fishing the Missouri river and some of the larger lakes around this great state. Joe called over a Lund Pro Staffer, John Jamison and between the two, after a lot of conversation, they explained why a Lund deep-V was the boat I probably needed. The next week I took the wife to the KCMO boat show to meet Joe and look at the different types of boats available. Joe took an extraordinary amount of time explaining to us the new 1750 Rebel Sport (he did not have one at the show because Lund had just announced the new model). Joe sent us around the boat show to make sure the Lund was the boat we wanted. When we made our decision, Joe never high pressured us into any options or extra crap we did not need (Joe never pressured us into anything). As a matter of fact, he went down the options list and asked us if we wanted an item. I told Joe from the very beginning that we were not going to buy a boat that night but when he gave us the final price, my wife looked at me and said Why not go ahead and do it? So we did. I called Joe the next day and upgraded the motor to the maximum HP allowed and added a few more options. We don’t have the boat yet but it is on order. Joe made arrangements to take us out on the water when the boat arrives and show us how to use it. That is commitment to customer service. When we get our boat I guarantee that when somebody asks me where we got our gorgeous boat I will emphatically tell them, Sportsman’s Outfitter and Marine in Belton, MO.”